Wow of Glazing - Part 2 Hands-On

Number of Sessions: One 2-hour class
Course Fee$20.00


This class is a follow-up to The Wow of Glazing - Part 1 lecture. In this second part of the series. students will bring three or four bisque-fired pieces for glazing with the assistance of the instructor. Each student will discuss with the instructor's input what they would like for a final glaze look, then will glaze the pieces. Students will record glazes and techniques used, then will critique the results with the instructor.

  • Three to four bisque-fired pieces (the best shapes are bowls and plates because runny glazes will be contained)

Class Information: 
  • Skill level/Pre-requisite: The Wow of Glazing - Part 1
  • Number of students: Minimum 3    Maximum 8