Bird Plant Pal

Number of sessions: One 3-hour session

Course Fee: $20.00

Learn to create a hollow bird form to be used as an embellishment in potted plants or even in the garden. Almost any bird can be fashioned from slabs of clay.  Templates for several sizes of birds will be provided by the instructor and a photo of bird silhouettes provided for your use if you wish to create a unique bird.  

This one-session class takes you through the creation.  Bisque firing and glazing the bird will be on your own.



  • Clay of choice (suggest one with some grog)
  • Basic clay tools
  • Wooden or metal rods for bird legs  (2 each 15” long)
  • Flexible plastic or card stock for making template (for unique bird if desired)


Class Information:

  • Skill level/Pre-requisite:  Intermediate, Basic Clay
  • Minimum students: 3   Maximum: 6