Textural Wall Hanging

Number of Sessions:  Two three-hour sessions
Course Fee:               $35.00


Students will create a textural wall hanging from their design, combining texture and pattern by cutting and attaching clay elements that may be made from different colors of clay. Students will design and utilize a mounting technique for their wall hanging. Underglaze will be used as the colorant along with stain to highlight the texture.  Project will be created through underglaze application; bisque firing, staining and cone 5  firing will be on your own.

  • Clay of choice (more than one, if desired)
  • Three different colors of student-provided underglazes
  • Basic clay tools
  • Texture tools if you have them (additional texture tools available in the studio and provided by instructor)
Class Information:
  • Skill Level/Pre-requisites: Beginner/Basic Clay Class
  • Minimum/Maximum Students:  4 Minimum, 8 Maximum