Columns and Bottles

Number of Sessions:   Two three-hour sessions
Course Fee:                    $35.00 


Using dowels, students will learn to make seamless tubes and create two small tube projects and one taller column, all with surface decoration and top and bottom treatments.  Students will also have the opportunity to create a tube project of their choice: abstract sculpture, container or figure.

  • Sturdy clay body (WS-5 or Soldate 60 is used by instructor)
  • Set of 24" length dowels
    • 1/2 inch
    • 3/4 inch (7/8 inch will also work instead of 3/4 inch)
    • 1-1/2 inch
    • 1-3/4 inch (2 inch will also work instead of 1-3/4 inch)
        NOTE:  Dowels may be purchased at Home Depot or Lowes in 48 inch lengths they will cut in half to 24 inches, so share with a friend
  • Textured fabrics:  corduroy, lace, veggie net bag, etc.
  • Work mat
  • 5x5 inch ware board with paper
  • Sketches, photos or ideas
Class Information:
  • Skill Level/Pre-requisites:  Basic Clay Class
  • Number of Students:  5 minimum, 8 maximum