Alternative Firing - Saggar

Number of Sessions:  Two sessions (one 3 hour prep, one 3-hour firing session)
Course Fee: $35.00


Saggar firing is a technique where a piece of pottery is wrapped in foil (saggar)with chemicals and combustible materials. They are then placed in a kiln and slowly fired to about 1350 degrees Fahrenheit. We use aluminum foil to create the saggars. The pottery requires smooth surfaces as well as a cooler bisque firing prior to the saggar fire. Instructor will arrange for this special, cooler firing before prep day.

  • Students should have 3 reasonably sized pieces using WS 5 clay.
  • Students will apply terra sig to their greenware.  Demo available as needed. Finished greenware will be placed on window ledge with yellow firing slips labeled 'SAGGAR'.
  • On prep day, students will wear old clothes and shoes.  Gloves and a mask will be worn while using chemicals.
  • On firing day, students will wear closed toe shoes and cotton or wool clothing and cover their hair, wear glasses. Safety issues will be reviewed.  Firing is outdoors in our gas kiln on Sunday morning.  Fired work will be finished with paste wax or Deft satin spray.
  • Both Firing and Glaze stickers are required.

Class Information:
  • Students with no previous alternative firing experience should make an appointment with the instructor or take a alternative firing mini lecture. 
  • Number of students: Minimum: 3    Maximum: 6
  • Classes run between mid-October to mid-April.