Rainbow Shave

Number of Sessions:    One 3-hour session
Course Fee:                 $20.00


Students will learn to produce a serendipitous design using shaving cream and underglazes.  Students will provide two to three pieces of white bisqued ware (B-mix or B-Mix with Grog) to which they will apply random, spontaneous and colorful patterns.

  • Two or three student-provided white bisqued ware made from B-Mix or B-Mix with Grog clay
  • Underglaze, colors of student's choice
  • You will contribute towards the cost of shaving cream provided by the instructor.  Amount will vary dependent on number of students in the class.
Class Information:
  • Skill Level/Prerequisites:  Basic Clay Class, Beginner
  • Minimum number of students:  3   
  • Maximum number of students:  5