Extruder 1-2-3

Number of sessions: One 3 -hour session

Course Fee: $20.00


The path to playing with extruded clay begins with this training session.  Learn how to utilize the three extruders available in the studio. This is NOT a coiling class or extruder party.  However, for those of you wishing to learn coiling using these modern conveniences, this is a must.  Once you have been trained, you will join the list of happy individuals able to utilize the four and six-inch wall-mounted extruders.

We will cover set up, operation and cleanup for each extruder, including the hand-held. A minimum of three people is necessary to hold this class.  There is a minimal charge.  Clay will be the responsibility of the attendees.  


  • Soft clay. To keep cleaning to the minimum necessary to learn the process, type of clay used for each class is limited.  Speckled buff is my recommendation and all attendees will use the same type of clay. Soft, fresh clay is a must.
  • Plastic bags and container for storing extrusions
  • Wire clay cutter
  • Ruler

Class Information:

  • Skill level/Pre-requisites:  Beginner, Basic Clay class 
  • Minimum students: 3   Maximum: 6