Alternative Firing - Two Step Naked Raku

Number of Sessions:  Three sessions (two 2-hour prep, one 3-hour firing session)
Course Fee: $50.00

Students will experience firing their own pieces using the reduction process with the assistance of the instructor. For naked raku, we use a layered process of sacrificial slip and sacrificial glaze to control black, gray and white crackle areas on the clay.

  • Students must have smooth pieces that are made of WS5 clay, terra sigilata applied and placed in designated area by window about one week before first prep session.  Demo available, talk to instructor.
  • Naked pieces must have a plain area at the top (which will turn black) for tongs to grab without disturbing the remaining fragile egg-shell surface. 
  • Students must wear long pants, long-sleeved shirt and enclosed shoes during firing session. Hair must be covered and glasses worn for safety.

Class Information:
  • Students with no previous alternative firing experience should make an appointment with the instructor or take a alternative firing class lecture. 
  • Number of students: Minimum: 3    Maximum: 6
  • Classes run between mid-October to mid-April.