Super Fun Super EZ Underglaze Transfer

Number of Sessions:  One 5-hour session
Course Fee:    $70.00


In this workshop, students of all levels will create and transfer free-form underglaze patterns onto leather-hard clay.  We will start by making a horsehair paintbrush, then create interesting splash marks on paper.  Students will transfer those marks onto clay slabs, which can then be used to make small forms and shapes such as cups, vases,  or cookie cutter shapes.  Students must provide 3 small or 2 mediuim sized leather-hard pieces from any white clay body (Dover White, B-mix, B-mix with Grog or WS-5).

Hand built or wheel thrown forms work, but keep in mind that flat surface transfers are easiest.  Transferring onto a curved surface is more challenging.  All work made for class must be kept in leather-hard condition.  After the workshop, students will bisque the work and finish with HF9 Cone 5 clear (or raku clear) glaze on their own. (NOTE:  If you intend to raku your pieces, use a grogged clay body, not B-mix)

  • Leather-hard clay slabs or formed pieces
  • Soft red rib
  • Small sponge
  • Various sized brushes
  • Scissors
  • 18 guage needle underglaze applicator (approximately $6) order ahead of time
  • Any underglaze colors that you own.  Some will be provided by the instructor
  • Foam, work pad, hairdryers, etc. will be available in the studio.

Class Information:
  • Skill Level/Pre-requisites:  All Levels/Basic Clay Class
  • Minimum/Maximum Students:  Minimum 5, Maximum 8