Mask Making

Number of Sessions:    Three 3-hour sessions
Course Fee:                $50.00


Participants will bring sketches, ideas and pictures of faces they would like to create in clay.  Instructor will provide many examples and photos of masks to use as inspiration.

Forms and molds will be used to make the mask. This three-session class will focus on construction but ideas for glazing, staining or cold finishes will be offered as well.

Note that masks are typically an exaggeration of reality, making them fun and easy to do.  Recreating a real person can be done, but is far more challenging.

  • Hand-building tools
  • Sculpting tools
  • Clay
  • All other supplies will be provided by instructor

Class Information:
  • Skill level/pre-requisites:  Intermediate or bold beginners, basic clay
  • Number of students:  Minimum 5    Maximum 8