Owl Luminary

Number of sessions: One 3-hour class
Course Fee: $20.00


Students will use skills gained in the Basic Clay class and their imaginations to create a personalized Owl Luminary. This is a fun, easy class for everyone.

  • Any clay except B-Mix 
  • Handbuilding tools
  • Hole punch the size of a straw or larger, such as a round pencil, stick, etc. 
  • Donut hole punch for larger holes
  • Oatmeal can, tall or short, or use one of the club's or a PVC cylinder from the club
  • Old nylon stocking or knee high
  • Small rock for texturing
  • Texture tools from home or nature
  • Angle cutter - optional

Before class:
  • Obtain pattern from instructor.
  • Roll a slab of clay 3/8" thick to circle your can or cylinder plus enough extra for wing, tail, ear, nose, eyes, head and other enhancements
  • If clay rolled day before class, cover board with plastic, then cover clay top with plastic as well.
  • If clay rolled day of class, cover top with plastic.

Class Information:
  • Skill Level/Pre-requisites: Basic Clay class
  • Number of students; Minimum 3    Maximum 6