Basic Glazing Made Easy

Number of Sessions:        One 3-1/2 hour session
Course Fee:                      $20.00

Just what you have been looking for -- the basics of foolproof glazing!  How and why glaze will adhere to bisqueware and how to avoid simple mistakes are the foundation of this class.  Say goodbye to messy overruns and get good results.  Also included will be the care and handling of the glazing process, the glaze room, and safeguarding the kiln shelves and your pots.  Added to all that will be guidelines for thinking through a simple process of some design aspects of glazing.

Participants will finish with two well-glazed pieces and sufficient knowledge to feel comfortable using the glaze room going forward.

Two medium sized bisqued items with bottoms waxed the day prior to the class. These pieces should be free of carving or embellishments.  The intent of the class is to use the glaze only to create the finished piece without any competing design elements.

Class Information:
  • Skill Level/Pre-requisites:  Beginner, Basic Clay Class
  • Minimum/Maximum Students:  5