Would You Wear These?

Number of sessions:  Two 3-hour sessions
Course Fee:  $35.00


Join us to create earrings made from clay and decorated with alcohol ink.  This two-day class includes making the earrings, adding texture, inserting the pins and glazing.  You will paint on the earring surface using different techniques to achieve interesting effects.  Earrings will be completely finished by the end of the class.

  • B-Mix with Grog if you have it (instructor will also have clay on hand)
  • Texture tools if you have them
  • Small brushes
  • NOTE:  Instructor will provide clay if you need it, texture tools, glaze, and alcohol ink
Class Information:  
  • Skill Level:  All levels  Pre-requisites:  Basic Clay Class
  • Minimum Students:  5     Maximum: 8