Intermediate Handbuilding

Number of sessions: Three 3-hour classes
Course Fee: $50.00


    Class 1
  • Introductory lecture
  • using Hump and Slump molds: instruction and demo
  • Brief discussion on sprigging, texture and adding handles or feet
  • Create bowl using hump method

    Class 2
  • Slab building discussion
  • Construct a bird house using templates and texture

   Class 3
  • Improving your glazing skills lecture:  exploring application options, glaze combinations, record keeping, reglazing
  • Glaze bowls made in Class 1 and any other bisque pieces you may have as time allows


  • Basic clay tools
  • B-Mix with Grog clay
  • Texture Tools if you have any

Class Information:

  • Skill level/Pre-requisites:  Intermediate, Basic Clay Class
  • Number of students: Minimum 3   Maximum  6