Info for Prospective Members

Becoming a Member of Grand Clay Arts
Grand Clay Arts is a fun and welcoming environment where you can learn the art of pottery making and hone your skills in this versatile medium.  Some of the benefits include:
  • Open access to the studio with all the amenities – potters’ wheels, glaze room, slab roller, extruders, and more.
  • A diverse offering of classes, taught by our extraordinary potters.
  • In-studio and online Gallery to sell pieces made at the club, as well as local Grand outdoor markets.
To make it all happen, we rely on our membership to support the club by following the Policies and Procedures (click here) and by volunteering their time in various tasks.  Here are few important things to know about the cost and time commitment expected of our membership:
  • Annual Membership Dues*:  $36, due Jan 1 of each year
  • Basic Clay Class:  $45
  • Supplies:  $50, depending on your needs and preference
  • Cubby Rental (optional): $20 annually
  • Classes range in price from $5 to $65.  Click on the Classes tab for more info.
  • Kiln time and Glazes are provided for a nominal fee.
*Our memberships are for a calendar year, starting January 1st, with a proration for Members who join during the course of the year. 
Time Commitment
  • Orientation:  All new members are required to attend Club Orientation soon after joining.  This 1-hour Orientation will familiarize you with the workings of the club. 
  • Basic Clay Class:  Most new members will need to take a Basic Clay class.  This class is three 3-hour sessions. You will learn the basics of clay-building and how to use some of the equipment.  If you are experienced in clay, you may request a waiver. 
  • Service Hours:  To keep our club operating, we require that each member volunteer for (and maintain) 12 hours per year**, performing tasks that suit their schedule and preferences.  One volunteer hour = 1 service hour.
  • Monitoring: One of the ways to get your service hours is through monitoring the front desk.   All members are required to monitor, and it is a great way to meet club members and learn how the club operates.
**Members living in Grand for less than 3 months/year must maintain 6 service hours. 
To become a Member, select the “Join Now!” drop-down menu option on the Join tab.  Completing the process should take no more than five minutes.   Once you’ve submitted your application, you will receive a welcome letter and be contacted by a club member to guide you through the next steps.

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7 February 2022