Pickled Pigs Feet: Handbuilding Using the Wheel

Number of Sessions:  Three 3-hour Sessions
Course Fee: $45.00


By using strips of clay students will learn to make large pots that will look 'wheel-thrown'. 

Supply List:
  • Serrated metal rib for scoring
  • Wooden tool with one wedge end and one rounded end
  • Pin tool
  • Pony roller (optional)
  • Red flexible mud tool rib (or equivalent)
  • Fettling knife or equivalent
  • Yardstick (if possible)
  • Small sponge
  • Texture mat or roller or wooden molding for texturing top of pots
  • Large soft plastic (dry cleaner bag or equivalent)
  • The club has some long thin support boards or bring your own dry wall panel 18" x 3' approximate. This will support your soft 3/8" slab, smoothed with a rib and cut into 1 1/2" wide strips using a yardstick.
  • A slightly curved wooden paddle with rounded edges so it doesn't dig into the clay wall. The instructor will have one in two different sizes, long and short
  • Water or beverage to drink. 

Class  Information:
  • Pre-requisites: Basic Clay class
  • Number of students:  5 minimum     7 maximum