Magic and Mystery of Raku

Number of Sessions: Two 2-hour sessions and one 3-hour session
Course Fee:  $45.00  (includes firing at third class)


Students will be introduced via games and examples to a variety of raku glazes and fired results. First class will cover safety, glaze recognition and choices and some pre-fire tricks. Post-fire techniques and some optional items that you can purchase to enhance your raku work will be shared. 

Second class will cover glazing techniques. Sequence of firing process will be introduced as well as what to expect on firing day. Also discussed will be scale, timing, reduction process and post fire oxidization. 

  • Three pieces of bisqueware, handbuilt or thrown, for second class using WS4 or Soldate 60 clay. This is the recommended clay body that can accept the shock of the process. Other clay bodies may work but are more susceptible to cracking and breakage.
  • Notebook and pencil
  • Brushes: mop, liner, fan
  • Tapes: masking, blue, car trim, graphic or quilting 
  • Wax resist or latex resist

Class Information: 
  • Skill Level/pre-requisites: Basic Clay class
  • Number of Students: Maximum 6