Texture & More Vase

Number of Sessions:      Two 3-hour sessions
Course Fee:                       $35.00

Learn to form a unique vase using clay with texture on both sides.  Explore integrating tears in clay into your design or learn to repair them.
Instructor would like to meet several weeks after the class to see the final results of your efforts.

  • White clay (B-Mix with grog is suggested)
  • Clay knife
  • Rubber Rib (soft blue or red)
  • Scoring tool
  • Pin tool
  • Slip or magic water (available in the studio)
  • Small water container
  • Apron
  • Texture tools (fabric, shells, buttons, any found or hand made textural object)
  • Pony roller
  • Small to medium paint brush
  • Wooden or plastic modeling tools if you have them
  • Masking tape
Class Information:
  • Skill Lever/Pre-requisites:  Basic Clay - Hand Building
  • Minimum Students 4     Maximum Students 6