Round Succulent Planter

Number of Sessions:    One 4-hour class
Course Fee:                $25.00


Create a unique succulent planter in a fun environment while exploring texture, drying and glazing options.  Various hand-building techniques and tips will be shared including slab rolling, scoring and slipping, attaching, bellying out, and cleanup. 

  • Lunch - Pack your own or buy at Grand Café.  There will be a lunch break while clay firms up.
  • Clay (B-Mix with Grog or Speckled Buff , approximately 1/4 bag)
  • Basic hand-building tools and pony roller if using lace for texture
  • Texture tools if you have them (lace, stamps, rollers) and instructor will have some to share
  • Lined acrylic ruler, also called a "quilter's ruler" (Debby uses Fiskars 6" x 24" and will have it in class to share)

Class Information:

Skill Level                 Intermediate
Minimum students:    4            Maximum Students:    4