Lidded Box

Number of Sessions:    1 or 2 (sessions will vary depending upon studio availability, total of 4 hours)
Course Fee:                   $25

In this class you will learn several of the most important procedures used in box making.  We will be rolling, texturing and cutting from a pattern.  We will apply angled cuts and join clay to clay.  Finally, we will add feet, a topper and a gallery which will hold the top in place on the bottom.  Following the class there will be patterns and instructions available for students to take.

  • Clay of choice
  • Work surface (mat)
  • Rib (or an old credit card)
  • Texturing tools (fabrics, stamps, leaves, string . . . anything you like)
  • Knife
  • Scoring tool
  • Slip (same as clay of choice) and brush
  • Paddle if you have one
  • Small bowl of water
Class Information:
  • Skill Level/Pre-requisites:  Basic Clay Class
  • Minimum Students: 3         Maximum:  8