EZ Underglaze Tricks

Number of Sessions:  One 3-hour session
Course Fee:  $20.00

Students will learn two transfer tricks using underglazes and two brush tricks as well as how to use silkscreens with underglazes.  If time permits, other sanding and stencilling will be demonstrated.

  • Students must provide some leather-hard pieces or small slabs as well as a couple of cylinders, thrown or hand built.
  • Bring underglazes that you own to share with others  Instructor will provide some underglazes to work with as well as other required items.
  • All students wanting to learn the brushing tricks must bring (or borrow) a dagger brush (available from Arizona Art Supply) and a soft, fluffy fan brush (available from Marjon).
  • White clay preferred but not required.
Class Information:
  • Skill Level/Pre-requisites:  Basic Clay Class
  • Minimum students:  5    Maximum: 8