5.5 Instant Mixer - Stain This!

Number of Sessions:     One three-hour session
Course Fee:                  $5.00


Donna will lead a workshop on MASON Stains — what they are and how to use these colorants to create interesting decoration to your clay forms. This will include mixing stains for maximum brilliance, multiple application methods, and information about when and where to use a stain. Workshop participants are sure to come away from Stain This! with a new found appreciation for MASON Stain applications. All skill levels welcomed. All questions concerning staining process welcomed!   Additionally, the 5.5 Instant Mixer objective is to focus on bringing members together for an afternoon of socialization during C-19 restrictive times.

  • One bisque fired, white clay piece (optional)
  • Leather-hard tile or slab of clay
  • Clay tools

Class Information:
  • Skill Level/Pre-requisites:  Basic Clay
  • Maximum Students:   5