Raku Firing

Number of Sessions: One 2+hour firing
Course Fee: $15.00


Students will experience firing their own pieces using the reduction process of raku with the assistance of the instructor. A propane-fired kiln will be heated up to 1900 degrees (red hot). Pieces will be removed with tongs and placed in cans with newspaper. A flame will erupt and the lid will be placed on the can immediately. A tight seal will be crucial for reduction which provides metallic glazes with color and luster. Crackle glazes need smoke to show crackle patter. 

Raku is full of surprises; usually the results are great, but not always. The procedure puts thermal stress on the pieces. Occasionally cracks and breakage will occur. Fired raku pieces are intended for decorative use only. They will not hold liquids. 


Participants should bring bisque-fired, raku-glazed pieces that fit within the template in the studio. One large or up to 4-5 smaller pieces are appropriate. Height limit is about 24 inches. The pieces can be wheel thrown, handbuilt with good joints, or ceramic pieces of solid design. All club clays except B-Mix can be used. Recommended are WS-4, Soldate 60, or Redstone. Crackle glaze is best on white clay. 

Class Information:

  • Students with no previous raku firing experience should make an appointment with the instructor for 1:00 pm on Friday prior to the event to glaze their pieces.
  • Students must wear long pants, long-sleeved shirt and enclosed shoes. 
  • Number of students: Minimum 3    Maximum 6
  • Classes run between mid-October to mid-April.