GR Pottery Forms Demonstration

Number of Sessions:       One three-hour session
Course Fee:                      $5


Use and care of GR Pottery Forms WA System will be demonstrated.  A luncheon plate will be created.  The intention is to instill confidence in attendees to use the GR Pottery Forms available in the studio to create their own dinnerware.  This is not a hands-on event but all tools and techniques employed when utilizing the GR Pottery Forms will be discussed and demonstrated:
  • Use and care of GR Pottery Forms WA System including use of potters wheel to create plate
  • Slab rolling
  • Use of GR tool set
  • Trimming with fettling knife
  • Cutting foot with specialized tool and attaching
  • Trimming rim with specialized tool

Only note-taking materials are required.

Class Information:
  • Skill Level/Pre-requisites:        Basic Clay Class
  • Minimum/Maximum Students:  Minimum 3, Maximum 5