Beginning Wheel

Number of sessionsFour 3-hour sessions
Course Fee: $65.00


This course will introduce students to the skills and processes that must be learned in order to create a variety of functional/decorative works using the potter's wheel as the primary tool. The goals of the course are tearn the following:
  • Learn the mechanics of throwing: Centering, Opening, Pulling.
  • Learn how to use the tools used in the throwing process.
  • Learn the hand and body positions needed in throwing.
  • Learn to throw simple shapes. i.e. Cylinders, bowls.
  • Learn to trim pieces after they reach leather hard.
  • Learn other skills as determined by the instructor.

The instructor will provide a recommended list of tools/clay which may include but is not limited to the following:

    Small sponge, wood or rubber rib, cutting wire, needle tool, trimming tools, container for water, and clay.

Class Information:    
  • Minimums and maximums below 8 students determined by instructor.