Alternative Firing

Number of Sessions: Varies
Course Fee: Varies

Students will experience firing their own pieces using the reduction process  with the assistance of the instructor. 

  • Students should bring bisque-fired hand-built or wheel-thrown pieces for the firing. When bisque-firing, indicate on the firing slip if your intention is to saggar or naked fire. Horsehair, raku and Obvara may go through a regular cone 04 bisque. Saggar, horsehair and naked should all be terra sigged. Raku firing or Obvara are optional for terra sigging. 
  • Use soldate 60 or WS5 or Bmix with grog for best shock absorbancy when alternative firing. Bmix can be used for sagger. 
  • Naked pieces must have a plain area (which will turn black) for tongs to grab without disturbing the remaining fragile egg-shell surface. 

Class Information:
  • Students with no previous alternative firing experience should make an appointment with the instructor or take a alternative firing class lecture. 
  • Students must wear long pants, long-sleeved shirt and enclosed shoes. 
  • Minimum students: 3    Maximum: 6
  • Classes run between mid-October to mid-April.